onsdag den 25. november 2009

Daily Draw: Five of Coins - November 25, 2009

This card in general suggests that indecision, or just not making a decision at all will lead to misfortune. Applying this to my daily life (or yours) in a daily draw, I feel that this card is telling us to make up our friggen minds already!

I've been doing my IDS, although I've also been looking a lot at other decks and thinking about which ones I want to buy etc, and I feel that this card is straight up telling me to focus my strength on the IDS and the Golden tarot and leave the other decks alone!

NOTE: You may have noticed that I'm using the RWS images. I've said before that I'm using the Golden Tarot, but I know that the author has had issues with copyright infringement, and I don't want to make things worse than they already are. For that reason, I'm going to just stick to the RWS, which are in the public domain.

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