mandag den 16. november 2009

The Golden Tarot: First Impressions and a Little Reading

Hello all! Me again!

I just recieved my Golden Tarot (is it bad that I considered skiving off school today so I could play with my new cards? God, I'm like a kid in a toy store). And I've gotta say, that this deck is fabulous! When I first opened my box and picked it up, I got a little nervous. A lot of the reviews on Amazon ranted about how thick the cards were, or that they were too heavy, and I worried that this was true. Pfft, not so! The deck is a bit more heavy than most, but I actually like it, it'll hold up over time.

So I shuffled them a bit and just in general investigated them, and something I noticed was that they do stick together a bit. That's alright, I'll just make sure to get them good and broke in before I try to do any readings for friends with them.

Some cards that really stick out to me, the Hermit, the Moon, the High Priestess, Death, Nine of Cups, the Seven of Coins, the Queen of Coins, the Queen of Wands, and the Knight of Cups. I especially liked the direction she chose for Death, it's not the traditional personification of death, but rather someone actually dieing, which for me, illustrates the idea of "change" rather than actual death.

I decided to ask the deck "how will you work for me?" I drew the two of cups, signifying the successful balancing of conflicting priorities, which applies really well to my life and the tarot right now. I can see this deck and me having a very successful and long relationship together. :)

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