lørdag den 14. november 2009

My tarot journey

I was introduced to the tarot and divination at a very young age. My whole life, my grandma consulted her horoscope religiously (I called them her "horror-scopes") and, since we were the same sign, I always loved to hear what our outlook would be like for the week ahead and other fun little things like that. She bought a book about divination and we sat around and flipped through it on a rainy day. She read mostly the stuff about astrology, but I was super interested in the card section. I tried telling fortunes with playing cards some, but eventually lost interest.

Fast forward a few years, and I went with my mom to a woman's fair, most of which time I spent bored out of my mind while they looked at scented soaps and nail files, but there was a psychic set up, and my mom decided to try a reading. I was fascinated, absolutely enthralled. I felt a real connection to this, that was the moment I decided that I wanted to learn to read cards.

My interest in them was realized when I was about 13, I received my first deck from a good friend who was into this kinda awesome stuff, hehe. :) I used that deck for a long time, then eventually bought for myself another deck that I used up until about a month ago. We moved and somehow I lost like 6 major arcana, and I was no longer comfortable with doing readings with an incomplete deck.

At that point, I decided to look into a new deck, but I didn't want another copy of the Universal Waite like I had, I wanted something a bit more creative, and I've found that in the Golden Tarot. It'll be arriving in two days, I cant wait!

Regarding my expiriences as a reader, I've never been a very active person in the Tarot community or anything. I've never done readings for money, although I think it might be a nice way to make some cash doing something I love, maybe as a supplement to my future job. I've mostly only read for friends and family, but I'm trying to expand my circle, I want to read as much as I can, and just in general use the cards as much as possible.

While I'm talking about doing readings, let me know if you'd like one, I'd always love to do one! Anyone who's reading, have y'all seen a good place where I could buy a bag for my cards that's not too expensive?

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